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The Ages of Thosara:

The Void Era:
No one knows what history was loss beyond this point only that the Druids of the Cenarion Circle refer to an event they call the Scaring. It is believed that somewhere in this period, Cenarius may have killed most of the old gods himself but none can confirm it.

The Cenarion Age (AC 0):
No one knows how long this age lasted but it was one of the darkest ages of them all. After unleashing his wrath upon races of the world for their crime, the Scaring, the demi-god Cenarius and his followers, the Cenarion Circle, instilled his rule. Claiming to prevent another scaring, he forced a simple life style (similar to druidism) upon the races and destroys anyone and anything that went against it.

Age of Dark Chaos (AC 757 – 1276):
With Cenarius death by a band of brave heroes, a new age was upon world but is wasn’t what they wanted. With no one powerful enough to stop them, both Lolth and the arch-demons of the underworld begin their own campaign of conquest upon the mortal realm. It was the age for dominances over the mortal world & the mortals were losing ground. It wasn’t until Alyara, the Angelic Goddess of Light, descended from the heavens and gave renewing hope to the mortals with the teachings of the Holy Light.

Age of Light (AC 1276 – 2114):
With the final defeat of the evil that took the world, Thosara entered into a new age of peace and stability. Many great nations came to rise during this time including the Great Kingdom of Cyforrina. (add more….)

In AC 1334, Cyforrina was once known to be one of the greatest nations in the world till civil war broke it asunder, about a thousand years ago. This civil war lasted for over seventy-seven years with every province fighting for power and survival. As this war raged on, many of the provinces fell apart form internal strife leaving warring nobles & warlords to their devices. At the wars end, only five provinces rose out of the ashes war, Azbek, Bynarria, Caracia, Carnethia, & Hariburgh, becoming great nations of there own.

As time way on (AC 1853), warring skirmishes between the warlords came nearly to an end when the Maleador Empire rises as a new power in the land with their ‘unification’ campaign. Many warlords and small kingdoms of the north formed the Northern Alliance with Bynarria and Hariburgh in hope to discourage Maleador’s expansionist in the north. It fails, and the 43 year war known as the Maleadorian-Unification War (AC 1862) began. The Alliance forces fought long and hard against the overwhelm might of the Maleadorians but an unexpected 33 year drought crippled the Alliance forces. In the end, the alliance fell apart leaving Bynarria, Caracia, and Hariburgh losing ground till a ceasefire ended the war.

With no sign of the droughts end, the now weaken nations and kingdoms of the north began to fall to instability, giving means for others to seize power.

But the most recent and destructive war of them all was the Dark Crusades (AC 2068 -2131) which lasted for 57 years.

Age of Steam (AC 2114 – Present 2171):

Its been 63 years after the Dark Crusades, it’s scars can still be seen in the north despite what progress has been made. But for those of the south, peace and stabilizability rules the land with a boosting economy at it stead.

PS: needs more work and maybe better naming. AC = After Cenarius

old history page

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