Proper Name: The Free City of Jorakk
Her Lord Mayor of Jorakk, Lady Elisabeth Whitemoore
Chancellor Yorrick Linnacker of The Trade Consortium
Lord Douglas Black of the Jorakk Trade Society
Lord Falstaff Silvervein of the Banking League
Lord Alex Briggs of the Metal Worker League
Lady Velma Ike of the Performers & Artisan Guild
Grand Master Elric Ravenborn of the Rune Scroll
Lady Rania Dawnwind of the Lucky Hand Society
Lord Han Eltan of the Dockworkers Guild
Lord Marshal Malus Blackbrook of The Flaming Fist Mercenary Company
Government: Lord mayor elected by an oligarchy of nine councilors representing the city’s major mercantile, economic, criminal, and magical guilds. The council is led by a Chancellor.
Cities: Jorakk (LC), Norbrook (ST), Middlecove (ST), Pittsmill (V), Willowdale (V).
Resources: iron, lumber (pine, redwood, darkwood), food stuff, slavery, & trinkets. Exotic foods & spices.
Population: 23,500 (human 73%, half-elf 11%, half-orc 7%, gnome 4%, elfs 2%, & others 3%)
Law: Neutral
Guilds: Headhunters Society, Performers & Artisan Guild, (Rogues Gallery), The Rune Scroll (Mage), & The Jorakk Trade Society (Merchant), The Flaming Fist Mercenary Campany, Lucky Hand Society, the Dockworkers Guild, the Metal Worker League

When the Great Kingdom fell, so did the province of Errion. Errion became an unstable region suffering from many disputes, mainly over old fief rights. Soon Errion was no more leaving only bitter lords to govern over the now torn region.

When Errion fell, the port city of Jorakk become a lord-less fief. As a result, the local guilds saw an opportunity and formed a guild council to declare Jorakk’s independence. This didn’t boost well with the regional lords, soon the Jorakk Wars began. The guilds of Jorakk used whatever resource they had from hiring pirates & mercenaries to using bribery and assassination to persevering Jorakk independence. Soon, Jorakk won its right to be an independent city-state in the end.

Today, Jorakk is a free-port that stand on its own. Many come here to seek wealth, adventure, or a new life. Jorakk is known for the darkwood it trades and its casinos and brothels it sports. It is well known for sponsoring the Cyforrinan Gladiatorial Fighting League seasonal fights at the Ring of Valor. The Loose Goose Tavern at the docks is a popular location for any privateer and adventurer who like ale, companionship, and its hoedown sing-alongs.

The Rune Scroll Magi Citadel houses an ancient library that’s reserved for only high ranking members. The Rune Scroll is also know to work close with the Explorer’s League.

Jorakk Stats


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