Church of the Light

Radiant 8-pointed Gold Sun
Goals: To promoting goodness and protect the world from the evils here and beyond.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Follower’s Alignments: any non-evil
Portfolio: Positive energy, Light, Life, Prophecy
Domains: Good, Healing, Community, Knowledge, Luck (good Fortune), Nobility, Preservation, Protection, Strength (Resolve), Glory, & Sun (Light & Day).
Headquarters: Lorraine (Cyforrina), Otaria (Venia), Thay (Galtea), Urellu (Malaga), & Vassa (Frigia).
Leader: Varies by holy cites
Members: Followers of the Holy Light
Structure: Religious
Scope: Global
Resources: Free Healing services for the critically wounded and the sick. Counseling services.

Many ages ago, the Angelic Goddess of Life & Light, Alyara, came to the world and brought with her the teachings of Elishar’s Light, known as the Holy Light. This Holy Light was Elishar’s parting gift to the world after his great sacrifice to end Toldoth evil. Those who practice the teaching philosophies of the Holy Light can unlock the light of their soul granting themselves enlightenment by promoting goodness through compassion, mercy, healing, and protecting life and combating evil and its injustices.

To this day, the church stands as a symbol of good throughout the cosmos. The Church sends its people all over the world, spreading the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Light. They also do what they can to help those around them providing charitable services and combats evil and its injustices with its order of holy knights, the Luminous Order

The followers of the Holy Light (The Light, or Elishar’s Gift) believe that life is the greatest power of the universe—-the energy that animates living creatures is a good in itself. All evil and all things that hinder life’s being experienced to the fullest come from Toldoth, the Dark one. The Holy Light is the source of Life and of all things that contribute to life: every natural and supernatural blessing of health, wholeness and energy.

Vestments of the Faith
Brothers & Sisters of the Church wears a white cassock with silver trim.
Reverend Fathers & Mothers wears a white cassock with gold trim.
Bishops & Mother Superiors wears a white cassock with a double gold trim.
Archbishop wears a white cassock with a double gold trim, a silver stole with a double gold trim and the Radiant 8-pointed Golden Sun, and a pointed white Mitre with silver and gold details.

A silver sash with Radiant 8-pointed Golden Sun is worn by the divinely gifted. For more skilled divine casters, a single gold trim is added then a double gold trim for a master.
A white Stole with single gold trim and the Radiant 8-pointed Golden Sun is traditionally worn by the head priest of the local church.

Books of the Church
The Book of The Holy Light – Philosophies of the Holy Light, The Origin of Elishar’s Gift, and the Seven Virtues: Chasity, Discipline, Compassion, Humility, Patience, Diligence, and Generosity.
The Saints of [Virtues] – 33 different volumes around the world.
Treatise on the Virtues and the Sins: A Battle for Your Soul.

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Church of the Light

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