The World of Thosara

Solrath Sunweaver Journal #1
Earthday, Highsun 12th, 2171

It feels good to be back in Jorakk and sleeping in a soft bed after all the adventuring these past few days. I’m glad I have time now to write a new entry in my journal. As much as Jorakk is a veritable hive of scum and villainy, I must admit I’ve grown fond of this place, or at least just used to it. Sadly I won’t be getting much rest, for I still have much work to do.

The trip to Falcon’s Hollow was arduous, which makes me glad that we were able to sail back to Jorakk with relative ease. Fallon’s Hollow itself wasn’t much to behold unfortunately. The only reason most of the people live there now is because they’re “gainfully employed” by the local Lumber Consortium. I can tell that most people were clearly not happy with their current circumstances, and lack the resources to do anything about it.

The town was hit by a plague caused by a local fungus when we arrived. It took us about two days to go and retrieve all the necessary ingredients for a cure. Not long after that we learned that a group of kids had disappeared somewhere within the forest on a dare to go to an old, burned-down orphanage deep in the forest.

One of the sites of note was an old abandoned dwarven monastery. This was of particular interest to my newfound colleague Brann, who is studying the origins of his own race. The monastery was occupied during our quest to retrieve the cure reagents by a small number of undead and a particularly nasty warg, but they were dispatched without much issue. What was certainly far more interesting was the hidden dungeon underneath the monastery.

The dwarves that dwelled underneath the monastery were certainly a bizarre lot. They worshipped what Brann believed to be an ancient, yet evil dwarven deity named Droskar. Droskar sounds like a harsh master, as he mandated perfection from his worshippers. The dungeon smelled of soot and ash from the many forges we saw down there. While dwarves are well-known for being industrious as well as meticulous in their craft, the dwarves here took their craft to a very dangerous extreme. As much as I am admittedly jealous of Brann’s successful discoveries into his ancestors, I noticed he was concerned as well; the appeared cruelness and fanaticism of the dwarves here no doubt was a major concern to him.

The dungeon had been occupied mostly by kobolds now, who were the perpetrators of the kidnappings. We were able to remove the majority of the kobold infestation and liberate the kids from captivity. While we were fortunate to find all the kids alive and mostly unharmed, sadly there were many casualties of an adventuring party that were also captured by the kobolds, a halfling bard by the name of Edgrin was the only survivor.

We returned to Falcon’s Hollow to return the children to their proper parents or guardians. For the most part, the parents were very grateful to us, and we were paid well in coin, gear, and food. Two instances stuck out in my mind the most.

The first was the half-elf child Kimi and her mother Kitani. Kitani was a beautiful raven-haired woman. When I returned her daughter, she was very grateful to me, so grateful she looked willing to take me to her bedchamber. I would have succumbed (quite easily, admittedly) to her seduction if not for the fact that her daughter was so horrified her mother would consider such an act. I learned that Kitani was indeed married to an elf named Idris, who, not unlike myself, was an adventurer. He had been gone for more than a year and Kitani had given up hope of his return, while her daughter clearly had not. While Kite spoke with Kimi, I spoke further with Kitani about her husband. He was adventuring for to the north at a place called Cooling Springs, under the employ of someone named Mr. Stone. I promised to Kitani that I would inquire into his whereabouts, and respond with news if he still indeed lives. I will pray to Alyara for both her and her daughter’s sakes.

The second instance that stuck out in my mind was the boy named Jurin, who was the son of Thuldrin Kreed. Kreed holds the title of Gavel and is in charge of the Lumber Consortium here in Falcon’s Hollow, effectively making him the ruler of this small town. He was not ungrateful for Jorin’s safe return and we were compensated well with gold and silver, but my comrades and I knew that this man was indeed evil and on the look for those as crooked as he was. I fear for his son’s future well-being and hope he does not follow in his father’s footsteps.

We encountered a ship named the Ravenscar on our way out of Falcon’s Hollow. It’s captain, a female elf named Morgana Moonscar was hired out by the head of the local Explorer’s League at Jorakk, a dragonling named Lady Josephine. Kite and Brann, who had aspirations to return to the monastery’s dungeon with the intention of retrieving their own respective treasures: a grotesque throne the kobolds made out of scattered bones, and an obelisk made out of obsidian (that Brann had restored from kobold defilement) bearing praise to the dwarves’ dark deity (an important discovery well worth the second trip).

The Ravenscar was carrying many important artifacts from a recent dig commissioned by Lady Josephine. During the trip back to Jorakk, I peeked in one of the cargo containers and learned that the artifact within were of dwarven make (I quickly made a rubbing of it to study later). As much as I wanted to explore for elven artifacts, I did not want to push my luck not getting caught red-handed. Turning to legitimate tactics, I attempted to get Lady Josephine’s confidence to help her study her findings, but alas I was unsuccessful. I believe, however, that I gained enough of a rapport with her to expedite my admission into the Explorer’s League upon arrival back at Jorakk.

Now, what to do back at Jorakk…? Well, one unfortunate casualty of my belongings is my own trusted sword. I’ve been using this particular blade since my departure from Carnethia, and now it’s got a serious bend in it. I have the proper knowledge to repair my weapon, I lack the tools. However, master Fidchell may have the tools at his disposal at his gun store, I just hope he doesn’t charge an outrageous sum for their use. I was fortunate to find an adamantine warhammer during my exploration of the dwarven monastery, which I used to great effect after my sword broke. I have considered selling the weapon, as the star metal that is adamantine is very rare and will fetch a wonderful price in gold; however this is also a precious historical artifact that belongs in a museum than the store of a merchant. For now, repairs to my sword will suffice. I will ask Fidchell in the morning to use his artisan’s tools before going to the Explorer’s League for my admission (I should include my collegue Brann as well).

There is also the upcoming tournament that interests me. The coin offered to the victors could go a long way to funding an expedition for myself and Brann, possibly far up in northern Cyforrina. My talents in the Art are combat-centered, making myself a natural competitor. Brann’s abilities as a cleric will ensure our continued well-being during the tournament. I will inquire about the entry fees as well tomorrow, some work may be needed in order to raise the gold for it.

So, repairs, Explorer’s League, and tournament. Should be an interesting day…


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