The Rune Scroll

Alignment: Neutral
Headquarters: Magi Citadel in Jorakk
Leader: The Magi Seven
Prominent Members: wizards, sorcerers, bards
Structure: hierarchy
Scope: regional
Resources: some magic items, magic services.

The Rune Scroll is both a guild and academy for the magical arts. Based out of the port city of Jorakk, it has become one of the best places to study the exotic magics of the world.

Joining The Rune Scroll

The joining mage must fulfill the follow:

  • Fill out and pay an Application Fee of 10sp.
  • One rank in both Knowledge Arcana and Spellcraft.
  • At least a Caster Level of one.
  • Pass the Test/Examination (Spellcraft DC 15).


An mage member is permitted to apply for a grade advancement in each of three different
situations as long as he meets the minimum Affiliation Score for that grade.

  • First, he may apply for grade advancement each time he improves in Class Level as in his Caster Class.
  • Second, he may apply any time he permanently delivers to the academy a magic item or a new, previously unknown, spell.
  • Lastly, he may apply any time he creates a spell or magic item of sufficiently advanced design (a spell whose level is at least one half the target grade or a magic item whose cost is 1,000 x target grade in gp), whether original or not. In this last case, the academy will study his creation, record a copy for the library if it is a new spell, and return it to him.

The attempt to advance in a grade is an examination similar to the academy entry examination. This examination is determined by a Spellcraft check against DC 15 + the target grade. If the candidate fails this test he may not attempt it again until he delivers a new magic item or spell to the academy, or goes up a Class Level in his Caster Class.


Bookworm: Every time a mage member advances in grade he gains a competence bonus equal to half his grade at the academy (rounded down) on Knowledge checks (and lore & bardic lore checks) made in regard to history and magic.

Bonus Skill Points: Each time a mage member advances a grade in the academy he gains his intelligence bonus in skill points (to a minimum of one point) which he may spend on any of the following skills: Alchemy, Craft (magic-item-creation related), Knowledge (a single magic-related area), Profession (one wizard-related profession, e.g.,apothecary, herbalist, scribe, engineer, etc.), or Spellcraft.

Increased Skill Limits: A mage member is allowed to increase the maximum number of ranks he may put into the skills listed above under Bonus Skill Points. This increase is equal to half his grade at the academy, rounded up.

Bonus Feat: When a mage member advances into the 2nd and 4th grade in the academy, his learning of the magic arts allows him to gain a bonus feat of his choice from his classes list of bonus feats. The member must still meet all prerequisites for a bonus feat, including caster level minimums.

Discount Components: Through an academy’s economic influence and scale, the component costs of item creation at the academy are one-third the cost of the item (rather than one-half).

Fraternity: The mage member gains several colleagues at the academy. He may call upon these colleagues for assistance with a successful Diplomacy (DC 15 minus half the grade) check. He may also gain assistance from fellow wizards in other friendly academies against (DC 20 minus half the grade).

Shelter: A mage member can usually request rooms at the academy if he wishes to live close to his work or his students. Further, an mage member can usually request and receive food and temporary shelter from most other wizard’s academies. He will be expected to be free with news of events and happenings in his home academy, in magic, and in the wider world. He will also be expected to make some small contribution to the host academy’s storehouse of magical knowledge.


Time: The higher the mage member grade in the Rune Scroll, the more time he must spend working in the academy. For every grade, the mage member must devote two weeks a year working full-time on academy business. During this time he is unavailable for any personal activities or adventuring.

Affiliation Score

Titles (Grade)


Benefits & Duties

4-10 Initiate (1) 15sp/month Discount components, Fraternity, Good Reputation, Shelter, access to library, Bookworm.
11-18 Apprentices (2) 20sp/month Access to magic vault (Minor Items)
19- 25 Disciple (3) 25sp/month Bonus Feat
26-30 Adept (4) 30sp/month Access to magic vault (Major Items)
31+ Master (5) 40sp/month Bonus Feat, May become a instructor at the academy
** Grand Master (6) 50sp/month Title of the seven head mages of the guild.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Spellcaster +1/2 per level of the casting class
Non-spellcaster -2
Per theory accepted by senior member +2
Per theory refuted by senior member -2
1 ranks into Knowledge (Arcana, History, Planes) +1
Per 5 ranks into Knowledge (Arcana, History, Planes) +2
Skill Focus feat for Knowledge (Arcana, History, Planes) +1
Aids another guild member +1
Completes a task/quest for the guild +1
Donates an artifact item to the guild +1
Has the Loremaster prestige class +2
Fails a task/quest for the guild -1
Loses rented magic item per grade (minor, medium, major) -2
Steals from guild -10

The Rune Scroll

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