The Calendar of Thosara

Thosara travels once around the sun in 336 days. The Lesser Moon, called Luna, waxes and wanes in fixed cycles of 28 days. Each lunar cycle marks the passage of one month, which is further subdivided into four weeks of seven days each. The Mystic Moon, called Ayiana, follows a path that reveals her full beauty but four times each year, thus showing the times of the Festivals.

Standard Week

Day Task
Sunday Work, Worship (Day)
Moonday Work
Oathday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Waterday Work
Earthday Work
Freeday Work, market
Starday Rest, Worship (Night)

Standard Months and The Four Festivals

Festival/Month Seasons
Wintermarch Winter
Morningtide Spring (Growfest)
Sunreach Spring
Lowsun Spring
Blossommere Low Summer (Richfest)
Summertide Low Summer
Highsun High Summer
Harvestmere High Summer (Brewfest)
August Autumn
Moonreach Autumn
Fristfall Autumn (Needfest)
Haring Winter

Each month has 28 days. Each festival starts on the 3rd day of their respected month and is seven days long.


Festival of Light

The Calendar of Thosara

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