Mana Crystals

Mana crystals are naturally occurring growths of raw magical power. They occur in places where the Magic Weave touches the physical world with their essence being influenced by the location sometimes. They are highly sought by those who wish to manufacture magical items, or mages who wish to augment their spells thus becoming a high value commodity. Even to those to have no ability in magic, the natural beauty and constantly shifting coloration of the crystals make them a highly prized gemstone. It is not uncommon for some lord or lady to have a stone on their jewelry and know nothing about its magical potential.

There are many types’ of mana crystals most being the following from common to rare: Elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), Energy (Positive, Negative), and Neutral (also called Pure). In addition to their types, Quality is an important factor when demising the mana crystals magical potential (Mana Rating). Quality is measured in 5 categories: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, and Grand.

Uses for Mana Crystals

Spell Component
Specifically mana crystals can be used to replace a costly spell component for any spell related to their nature. 1 mana of the crystal can replace 25gp in value for the costly component.

Enchanting and Manufacturing Magical Items
One use of mana Crystals the enchanting and manufacturing of magical items from simple scrolls to mighty swords. In a setting where mana crystals are used, 1/2 of the cost of manufacturing a magical item is in mana crystals. 1 mana of crystal is needed for every 25gp in cost for making the magic item. Mana crystals being used must be of the appropriate type for the magical item being made. A wand of fireballs would require fire crystals while a healing potion would requite positive crystals. For items of multiple properties, multiple types of crystals are required. A staff that could both cast Fireball and ice storm would require fire & water (or ice) crystals. If there is any question about the type of crystals required, the DM can use his best guess.
For magic items of no specific type, any type of mana crystals can be used, but they often imbue the qualities of their type onto the magic item being created. When used to enchant weapons, the additional damage caused the weapon will be of the type related to the element. The to-hit bonus is unchanged. This makes weapons manufactured from most mana crystals have strength and weaknesses against different foes while rarer mana crystals are more popular for the additional effects they provide. Only Neutral mana crystals provide an untyped bonus for magical weapons, thus increasing their popularity in magical item creation. It is so popular for weapon manufacture that DM can assume neutral mana was used in manufacture unless the specifically want another mana type for the weapon. Some magical effects on weapons still need mana specific to the effect generated, such as fire crystals needed for a flaming sword. With armor, Neutral is the only type off mana that provides bonuses to armor class, while other types of mana provides different bonuses.

Augmenting Spells
One use of a Mana Crystal is to augment a casted spell, in order to increase its effect. This is also the most dangerous use of mana crystals, as it is possible their use may backfire and cause harm. In order to be effective, one mana of powered crystal is required per spell level of the spell being cast (1 charge = level 0 spell). This requires a Spellcraft check vs. DC 15 + the spells level. Failure or use of a type of crystal not related to the spell, with this check causes the caster to roll on Incorrect Measuring table. Even after successfully using the correct amount of mana crystals, their result isn’t guaranteed. Roll on Augmented Spell Effect table to see the results of the use of mana crystal to augment a spell.

Extra Magical Source
The most common use of Mana Crystals is to use their energy to cast spells and ritual without draining the mage or to cast more spells if out of magical energy themselves. In order for a mage to draw mana out of the crystal, she must succeed on a Spellcraft check vs. DC 15 + the spells level as a full round action. If the mage wish to augment this spell, the DC is at +5 and requires 2 full rounds actions instead. Roll on the Incorrect Measuring table if the check fails. The number of mana charges used is equal to the level of the spell +1 (1 charge = level 0 spell); double the spell level if augmented.

Incorrect Measuring Table (roll 1d20):

d20 Failed the Spellcraft DC to use the proper amount of mana crystals when casting a spell.
1-12 No effect, charge crystal wasted.
13-18 Fizzle: Mana crystal ignites and consumes the energy of the spell in a harmless display of its nature. Spell is lost.
19-20 Overload: Crystals ignite at the target of the spell and cause 1d6/spell level damage of the related energy.

Augmented Spell Effect (roll 1d20):

1-6 Power Spell: +2 Caster level
7-11 Tenacious Spell: +2 spell DC & vs. attempts to dispel the magic
12-15 Strengthened Spell: +1 Caster level & +1 spell DC & vs. attempts to dispel the magic.
16 Massive Spell: +2 Caster level & +2 spell DC & vs. attempts to dispel the magic
17-19 Mana Flare: Mana crystals ignite causing all within 60’ of the midpoint between caster and target to make a DC 11+Spell level Fort save or suffer from a state equivalent of dazzle for 2d6 rounds.
20 Backblast: Caster takes 1d4/spell level points of damage from the energy type related to the mana, no save, ignores all immunities.

Known Mana Crystals to come so…

Mana Crystals

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