Proper Name: The Empire of Maleador
Ruler: Empress (LE)
National Heraldry: Red, a gold two-headed imperial eagle upon a white cross fimbriated black.
Government: Monarchy, Feudalism
Military: Imperial Army, Dragon Knights, Hellknights
Cities: Maleador, Enda
Social Values: [maybe]
Religion: Diabolism, Holy Light
Resources: silk, wool, lumber, & iron goods
Population:Human 78%, Half-elf 13%, Elf 6%, & Other 3%.
Law: LN. Enforced by The Imperial Highguard and Hellknight orders.
Allies: Skeeg(weak), Utalya, Runaria (building relations)
Enemies: Carnethia (strong), Azbek (weak), Asarctas (strong), Norasaea

History of Maleador

The once proud Empire of Maleador is now currently a shadow of it’s former glory. The damage inflicted by the Dark Crusades have taken it’s toll on the proud country. Much of the capital of Maleador and the city of Enda have been destroyed from the fighting. The economy is in shambles, and the Empire is having little luck convincing it’s neighbors, save the Empire of Skeeg to resume trade relations. The citizens are also on the verge of revolution.

The Imperial Highguard, the Empire’s police force, is overstretched, as many soldiers were drawn from the ranks to fight in the Crusades. Much of the Highguard is focused on maintaining order within the cities of Maleador and Enda, leaving precious few patrols to guard the roads. The Empire has considered hiring mercenaries to patrol the roads, but doing so causes the risk of draining the Imperial treasury of what funds are left and possibly resulting in even more attacks.

The Dragon Knights are knightly orders that have bonded with dragons to be a highly effective cavalry that has destroyed many a city and army. The Hellknights are also knightly orders that act as enforcers of Imperial law and as powerful heavy infantry on the battlefield.

The Imperial Army is re-consolidating, gathering what little strength is left from the Crusades. Many soldiers have left to return to their homes. The current Highlord is making maintaining the military a priority despite the hardships, fearing further reprisals from Carnethia. A massive recruiting campaign has just begun.


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