The Ages of Thosara:

The Void Era:

No one knows what history was loss beyond this point only that the Druids of the Cenarion Circle refer to an event they call the Great Scaring. It is believed that somewhere in this period, Cenarius may have killed most of the old gods himself but none can confirm it.

The Cenarion Age: (AC 0)

Age of Darkness (AC 0 – 1536)

Age of Anguish (AC 1537 – 2646)

Age of Destiny (AC 2647 – 4001)

Age of Steam (AC 4002 – Present 4171):
4003: The dwarfs invented the first firearm.
4067: The Maleadorian’s began their 2nd Unification War expanding southward.
4068: The Dark Crusades begins with the Siege of Lorraine.
4071: The Stalemate of 2071.
4073: The Carnethian Republic breaks the stalemate with it air-fleet.
4122: The DragonWatch is founded.
4131: The Dark Crusades ends.

- 4171 – Present

PS: needs more work and maybe better naming. AC = After Cenarius


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