Explorer's League

The Explorers’ League is an organization dedicated to researching of the ancient past. Exploring nearly every corner of the world searching for old relics and artifacts from the pre-scaring period. They have amassed one of the world’s largest libraries of information on Thosara history, people and cultures. These travelers appointed themselves the task of gathering as much information as possible about the world, its history, and its cultures in hopes of finding the scraps of information that has survive the Great Scaring hoping one day to uncover the origins of the past and the truths of the Great Scaring itself.

Symbol: A golden shovel and magnifying glass in a cross pattern centered on white.
Goals: To explore the lost pass and to preserve history.
Alignment: Neural
Headquarters: Many throughout the world.
Structure: Loose affiliation of like-minded explorers and lore keepers with a hierarchy based on merits.
Scope: Global
Leader: Prof. Muradin Bronzebeard
Prominent Members: Prof. Muninn Magella, Prof. Isabel Ravenrider, Harrison Jones, Lady Josephine Whitmere, and Jolie Croft.
Common Classes: Archivist (bard), Archaeologist (bard), Lore Masters.
Joining: Future Explorers and Adventurers that wish to join must do so my application with a Explorer’s League member sponsorship.
Gaining Prestige: Members can gain prestige by joining an expedition of a senior member, turning in detailed maps, journals, relics, and completing assignments of the League.
Resources: The Explorer’s League have access to historical relics, lore, and some strange magic and other mysterious things derived from half-understood lore. They also have small lodges and holdings in some of the major cities throughout the world, a network of like-minded adventurers and lore keepers, and are known to sponsor expeditions with moderate budgets at most lodges.

Titles (Grade)

Benefits & Duties

Prospector (1) Good Reputation, Lore Check Bonus
Jr Explorer (2)
Explorer (3) Patronage
Sr Explorer (4)
Master Explorer (5)

Good Reputation: Within communities where the knowledge of history is valued or where his Explorers’ Leagues fame and good name have spread, a recognized member enjoys respect and a good reputation. A few guilds and/or schools of knowledge will sometimes offer the members gifts and ask for a chance to join in on an expedition. The taverns and inns may treat the members of the order to free meals, drinks, and lodgings. The mayors, city councilors, and guild masters of the towns and cities will tend to be forthright and helpful with the members.
Lore Check Bonus: The Explorer gains a bonus to any Knowledge related to a History check equal to her grade.
Patronage: Akin to fraternity, Explorer League members receive support and assistance from other members of the organization. In this instance, though, the folk assisting are superior in some way to the character, be it in authority, influence, wealth, or some other fashion.

Explorer's League

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