Blue Hawks

Alignment: Neutral Good
Headquarters: New Haven
Heraldry: White, a wide pale voided blue with blue hawk center
Leader: Lord Thoradin Noldere, Marshal Devona Roberts
Members: Cpt. Elgold Shaw, Cpt. Wesley Roffe, Lt. Roif Doombelly, Lt. Bronson Murillo, Lt. Patricia Dillon, Sgt. Leeroy Gust
Structure: Paramilitary Order
Scope: Errion

Rank Grade

Weekly Income

Benefits Gained

Private (0) 25sp/week Good Reputation, Fraternity, Shelter, Equipment of the Order, Family Support
Sergeant (1) 30sp/week Bonus Skill Points
Lieutenant (2) 35sp/week Knighthood
Captain (3) 40sp/week Bonus Skill Points
Marshal (4) 45sp/week

Bonus Skill Points: Each time a member advances a grade with The Blue Hawks, he gains two bonus skill points which he may spend on any of the following skills: Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Engineering, History, Local, Geography), Profession (Soldier), or Ride.

Good Reputation: Within Good or Lawful communities where the order is active or where his order’s fame and good name have spread, a recognized member enjoys respect and a good reputation. The common folk and craftsmen will sometimes offer the members gifts and ask for blessings. The taverns and inns may treat the members of the order to free meals, drinks, and lodgings. The mayors, city councilors, and guild masters of the towns and cities will tend to be forthright and helpful with the members.

Fraternity: All members within the order will always assist any other member of the order whenever a called upon for aid.

Shelter: Members of the Order may receive free lodging and assistance from any stronghold, manor, or estate of his order.

Blue Hawks

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