Tag: faith


  • Church of the Light

    Radiant 8-pointed Gold Sun
    *Goals:* To promoting goodness and protect the world from the evils here and beyond. Alignment: Neutral Good
    *Follower’s Alignments:* any non-evil *Portfolio:* Positive energy, Light, Life, Prophecy * …

  • Luminous Order

    A erect silver longsword center between two gold wings upon a blue barrulet (2 horizontal bars center)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Headquarters: Lorraine (Cyforrina), Otaria (Venia), Thay (Galtea), Urellu (Malaga), & Vassa (Frigia …

  • Diabolism

    Domains: All
    Follower’s Alignment: LN, LE
    Veneration of the Nine Circles of Hell

    The philosophy of diabolism is often misunderstood by those who do not adhere to its tenets. It is easy to …

  • Church of Zarus

    Church of Zarus
    Portfolio: Humanity, Domination, Perfection.
    Domains: Destiny, Evil, Law, Strength, War.
    Follower’s: Humans

    The ancient human god, Zarus, returns to the world in 2135 AC to …

  • Druidism

    Portfolio: Nature
    Domains: Animal, Plant, Weather
    Follower’s Alignments: any

  • Shamanism

    Portfolio: Nature, sprits of the elements
    Domains: Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, Water, Weather
    Follower’s Alignments: any