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  • Lorraine

    Proper Name: The Holy City of Lorraine
    Ruler: Grand Cardinal Hazen & General-Marshall Vensar Jura
    Government: Theocracy, governed by high-ranking priest forming the College of Light with a Grand Cardinal at the top.< …

  • Jorakk

    Proper Name: The Free City of Jorakk
    Ruler: Her Lord Mayor of Jorakk, Lady [[Elisabeth Whitemoore]] Chancellor [[Yorrick Linnacker]] of The Trade Consortium Lord [[Douglas Black]] of the Jorakk Trade Society …

  • New Haven

    Ruler: [[:lord-thoradin-noldere | Lord Thoradin Noldere]]
    Government: Despotism with a appointed council.
    Cities: New Haven (ST), Oruk (LV), Linvale (SV), Oswald Breeze (SV), Caris (SV) …