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  • Frostrend

    This beautiful ensorcelled longsword is made from a brilliant blue grand mana crystal.  Not much is known about the weapon's origins, where the mana crystal was found and who the artificer was, but it is believed to be a weapon made before the Sundering. …

  • Runeblades

    Thosara is no stranger to powerful magic weapons. Throughout history, many valiant heroes and foulest villains have wielded great weapons of incredible power. They are some of the most sought after magical artifacts, and many lie in the vaults of the …

  • solrath-1

    It feels good to be back in Jorakk and sleeping in a soft bed after all the adventuring these past few days. I'm glad I have time now to write a new entry in my journal. As much as Jorakk is a veritable hive of scum and villainy, I must admit I've grown …

  • Home Page

    h2. Welcome friends to the world of Thosara. Thosara is a vast world filled with many wonders and mysteries from the mystic moon Ayiana to the great crater of Norgale. But our adventures take place in the old Errion region of Southern Cyforrina.

  • Main Page


    Intermediate Deity Symbol: None Home Plane: Plane of Light Alignment: Neutral Good Portfolio: Life, Light, Healing, Mercy, Protection, Wisdom, Truth, & Knowledge. Domains: Good, Healing, Sun, Protection, …

  • Asarctas

    Proper Name: Commonwealth of Asarctas Ruler: The High Assembly & The Grand Marshal of Asarctas National Heraldry: Red on a orange pale over all a erect gold sword between 2 silver wyverns facing inward. Government:

  • Azbek

    Proper Name: Knigdom of Azbek
    Ruler: King Thorent Blackhammer (NG male dwarf) Government: Monarchy Cities: Durven ( C ), Norduum (LT), & [[Kolven Dor]] (LC)
    Resources: iron, mithral, copper, iron goods, …

  • Carnethia

    Proper Name: Republic of Carnethia Ruler: Queen Telandia I (NG) National Heraldry: White on a fess yellow fimbriated red over all a bronze rampant griffin with olive leaves. Government: A constitutional monarchy …

  • La'dore

    Proper Name: The Free State of La'dore
    Ruler: Queen Yolenda Sliverleaf & The La'dore Council of Elders
    Government: Governed by an Elected Monarchy & Council of Elders
    Cities: La'dore
    Major …

  • Maleador

    Proper Name: The Empire of Maleador
    Ruler: Empress (LE) National Heraldry: Red, a gold two-headed imperial eagle upon a white cross fimbriated black. Government: Monarchy, Feudalism [[Maleadorian Forces| …

  • Norasaea

    Proper Name: Dominion of Norasaea
    Ruler: High King Ethiau (LE) National Heraldry: Red dragon with gold crown on white with purple pile (triangle). Government: Absolute Dictatorship
    Military: Standing …

  • Skeeg

    Proper Name: The Empire of Skeeg
    Ruler: King Las Stromstone (Half-Elf N)
    Government: Absolute Monarchy
    Cities: Skeeg
    Major Exports: silk, wool, lumber, & iron goods

  • Utalya

    Proper Name: Kingdom of Utalya
    Ruler: King Alkius VI (NE) Government: Absolute Monarchy
    [[Utalyan Forces | Military]]: Cities: Shalk ( C ), Portdale (LC)
    Major Exports: Salvery, Wheat, …

  • Construction

    In my campaign, i would like you all to be apart of developing this world both in as players & later as characters. You all can add more small kingdoms or work on developing and even renaming what i have on the map. I'm still trying to add more to the …

  • Caracia

    Proper Name: Name
    Ruler: Ruler Name
    Government: govert type
    Cities: major city names
    Major Exports: stuff
    Population: %
    Law: alignment

  • Madrilac

    Proper Name: Name
    Ruler: Ruler Name
    Government: govert type
    Cities: major city names
    Major Exports: stuff
    Population: %
    Law: alignment

  • Ursula Union

    Proper Name: Ursula Union
    Ruler: High Councilor
    Government:A confederacy of independent city-states who are governed by an elected Noble Council and their High Councilor.
    Cities: Ursula (LC),

  • Bellelac

    Proper Name: United Kingdoms of Bellelac
    Ruler: Ruler Name
    Government: govert type
    Cities: Selindion(capital), Eldeen (LC), [[Caracia]] (M).
    Major Exports: stuff

  • Lorraine

    Proper Name: The Holy City of Lorraine
    Ruler: Grand Cardinal Hazen & General-Marshall Vensar Jura
    Government: Theocracy, governed by high-ranking priest forming the College of Light with a Grand Cardinal at the top.< …

  • Legends and Tales

    The [[Book of Light | Book of Light]]
    The [[The Mystic Moon | Mystic Moon]]
    The [[Immortal Knight]] of Cyforrina
    The [[Deep Roads]]

  • Battle of Ursula

    After the [[Battle of Mandafall]] in AC 1873, the kingdom of [[Caracia]] could no longer sit on the sidelines as their neighbors fall victim to the Maleadorians. In response, [[Caracia]] mobilized the bulk of their forces to the border-city of Ursula. But …

  • Maleadorian-Unification War

    In the north-eastern region of Cyforrina, the warring skirmishes between the warlords came to an end when (Emperor) begin consolidating the region warlords into an unified empire, the Empire of [[Maleador]], and expanding outward occupying the tip of …

  • Book of Light

    The Ancient War of the Gods

    Millinas ago, there were two greater gods, Elishar & Toldoh. Elishar was the god of the light while Toldoh was the god of darkness. These two fought one another for millina using their armies of followers, both …

  • Dark Crusades

    The Dark Crusades were a retaliation by the remaining countries of Cyforrina against the [[Maleador | Kingdom of Maleador's]] War of Unification. The nation of Maleador believed that the Siege of Lorraine was their crowning achievement. They felt that …

  • Magic

    Divine, Arcane, & Shadow --------

    Divine Magic

    how it works

    Arcane Magic

    ----------- PS. Divine power is found either within the soul, granted by another being, and/or absorbed from the surroundings. …

  • Magic and Technologies

    h3. Magic Eons ago, the gods of good and evil fought, destroying one another and leaving destruction in there wake till there were few to stand. In time, the cataclysmic energies of the old gods consolidated into a new form of energy called Mana. This …

  • The Calendar of Thosara

    Thosara travels once around the sun in 336 days. The Lesser Moon, called Luna, waxes and wanes in fixed cycles of 28 days. Each lunar cycle marks the passage of one month, which is further subdivided into four weeks of seven days each. The [[The Mystic …

  • The Mystic Moon

    Ayiana, the Mystic Moon, the domain of Danae. Ayiana, the large luscious blue-green moon in the sky, marks the passing seasons of the world. In the script of the Light, Danae the goddess of nature, was created by Elishar to regenerate the scarred …

  • History

    The Ages of Thosara:

    The Void Era:

    No one knows what history was loss beyond this point only that the Druids of the Cenarion Circle refer to an event they call the Great Scaring. It is believed that somewhere in this period, …

  • Character Creation

    When creating a character, i want my players to keep some things in mind. I want this campaign to focus more on role-playing with the goal of getting the heroes to level 20+ in the end. So expect a long campaign and _please_ create a solid background for …

  • Knight

    |Level |BAB| |FORT| REF| WILL| Specials| |1st |+1| +2| +0| +2| Knight's Code, Knights Challenge, Fighting Challenge +1| |2nd |+2| +3| +0| +3| Mounted Combat, Shield Block +1| |3rd |+3| +3| + …

  • Code of Chivalry

    (1) To live one's life so that it is worthy of respect and honor by all. (2) Fair Play: * Never attack an unarmed foe. * Never charge an un-mounted opponent while mounted * Never attack from behind (no flank bonus for knight) * Avoid cheating * …

  • The Shadowcaster

    The mage of darkness is a summoner and manipulator. They do not delve into the forces within the light, but draw their power from the darkness. Shaping it, reinforcing it, and molding it's presence to their own choosing. Shadow manipulation is completely …

  • Cecaelia

    Cecaelia are aquatic humanoids that are similar to merfolk except that they have the lower body of an octopus rather than a fish. In spite of this disturbing appearance, cecaelia are not evil. Many cecaelia families can be found within merfolk …

  • Organizations

    * The [[Black Dagger]]
    * [[Cenarion Order]]
    * The [[Dragon Fang Brotherhood]]
    * [[DragonWatch]]
    * [[Luminous Order]]
    ** [[Order of the Lightbringers]] * [[Seven Ravens Clan]] * The [[Headhunters Society]] * The [[ …

  • Black Dagger

    A black dagger laying over a blood droplet
    Alignment: Lawful Evil Headquarters: Not known Leader: Unknown Members: Mostly Rogues, Assassins, & Rangers.
    Structure: hierarchy syndicate/assassins’ guild

  • Church of the Light

    Radiant 8-pointed Gold Sun
    *Goals:* To promoting goodness and protect the world from the evils here and beyond. Alignment: Neutral Good
    *Follower’s Alignments:* any non-evil *Portfolio:* Positive energy, Light, Life, Prophecy * …

  • Luminous Order

    A erect silver longsword center between two gold wings upon a blue barrulet (2 horizontal bars center)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Headquarters: Lorraine (Cyforrina), Otaria (Venia), Thay (Galtea), Urellu (Malaga), & Vassa (Frigia …

  • Cenarion Circle

    Alignment: neutral
    Headquarters: None
    Leader: Varies
    Prominent Members: Druids, rangers, and shamans
    Structure: zealot religious
    Scope: Global
    Resources: …

  • Book of Zarus

    The holy scriptures of the Church of Zarus

    Long ago, according to legend, Zarus was the first man, created by the world itself. No deity had a hand in his creation, because no deity could have conceived such a perfect creature. Members of the …

  • Geography of Cyforrina


    [[Andrall Woods]], [[Dyven Woods]], [[Ehniven Forest]], [[Everpine Forest]], [[Wimish Woods]]


    [[Chortan]], [[Dalmond]], [[Gaard]], [[Henis]], [[Imomena]], [[Menha]], [[Neeba Ridge]], [[Ordill Mountains]], …

  • Houserules

    * Only a natural 20 on attack and saving rolls is consider an automatic success. * Only a natural 1 on attack and saving rolls is consider an automatic failure. * We will be using the %{color:blue}_Critical & Fumble Decks_% which means confirming …

  • Hero Points

    There are moments in any struggle that influence the outcome. Does the brave warrior lay low the villain before he can finish casting a devastating spell? Does the sly rogue avoid detection as she sneaks into the giant chieftain’s lair? Does the pious …

  • old history page

    The Ages of Thosara:

    The Void Era:
    No one knows what history was loss beyond this point only that the Druids of the Cenarion Circle refer to an event they call the Scaring. It is believed that somewhere in this period, Cenarius …

  • The Cenarion Age

    No one knows how long this age lasted but it was one of the darkest ages of them all. After unleashing his wrath upon races of the world for their crime, the Scaring, the demi-god [[Cenarius]] and his followers, the [[Cenarion Circle]], instilled his rule …

  • Age of Chaos

    With [[Cenarius]] death by a band of brave heroes, a new age was upon world but is wasn’t what they wanted. With no one powerful enough to stop them, both Lolth and the arch-demons of the underworld begin their own campaign of conquest upon the mortal …

  • Age of Light

    With the final defeat of the evil that over took the world, Thosara entered into a new age of peace and stability. Many great nations came to rise during this time including the Great Kingdom of Cyforrina. It was also was the age where the Church of the …

  • The World

    [[Malaga]], Frigia, Venia, Galtea, & Cyforrina

  • Cenarion Order

    Alignment: Neutral Headquarters: None Leader: The Elder Council Members: Druids, Shamans, & Rangers Structure: Theocracy Scope: Global Resources: n/a A druidic order of extremist that follows …

  • Cenarius

    An arch-druid that ascended to godhood many ages go, Cenarius became the new god of druids and nature. He believed that the Great Scaring was civilization fault and to prevent it ever happening again, civilization can never rise to greatest ever again. So …

  • Knight's motto

    'A Knight is Sworn to Valor
    His Heart Knows Only Virtue
    His Blade Defends the Helpless
    His Might Upholds the Weak
    His Word Speaks only Truth
    His Wrath Undoes the Wicked'

  • Dead-mans Chasm

    In 1868, the [[Miznoh Desert]] experienced an unusual earthquake, as if a god strike the earth. There is also a tell that an ancient evil broke free from the earth but was stopped by the [[Immortal Knight]]. What ever the case be, the end result was that …

  • Path Masteries

    Path Mastery Abilities Arcane Veil (Initiate) You are protected from magical energies Prerequisites: ability to caste the Greater Shadows Fade mystery. Benefit: you gain Spell Resistance 10 + Shadow caster level. Astray in the Dark (Apprentice) …

  • Mysteries Uses Chart

    Uses per Mystery per Day
    |Level|Mystery Level| |---| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| |1 |1 |- |- |- |- |- |- |- |-| |2 |1 |- |- |- |- |- |- |- |-| |3 |1 |1 |- |- |- |- |- |- |-| |4 |1 |1 |- |- |- |- |- |- |-| |5 |1 |1 |1 |- |- …

  • Shadowcaster Feats

    Greater Umbral Sight Nothing can hide in the dark and escape your gaze. Prerequisites: Umbral Sight (See in Darkness 60 feet). Benefit: Your Umbral Sight radius increases by 30 feet. Special: You can take this feat multiple …

  • Mysteries List

    Apprentice Path Mysteries Night's Long Fingers 1 Quicker than the Eye: Gain bonus on Sleight of Hand checks; use Sleight of Hand at a distance. 2 Trail of Haze: Touched target emits a trail of shadowy mist only you can see. 3 Umbral Fist: Make …

  • Ordill Mountains

    The high peaks of Ordrill are perhaps one of the tallest in all Cyforrina. They are home to the dwarven kingdom of [[Azbek]] and to the many kobold & goliath tribes here. Old dwarven fortress and mines can be found here, many lost to time. There are even …

  • Imomena

    This low mountain chain has almost weathered away into hills. it is a home of many dwarves, gnomes, ans a few venturesome halfings. The Imomena mountains contains some of the richest gems, ore deposits and the rare mana shards.

  • Map of Cyforrina

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/29036/Cyonthia_Today.png(Cyforrina Map)! To see this image in full size, Right click on the image then select "Open Image in new tab."

  • Xaphan

    Lesser Deity Symbol: A horned burning skull Home Plane: Abyss (Ira) Alignment: Chaotic Evil Portfolio: Slaughter, Madness, Conquest, and War. Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, and Neutral Evil …

  • Carnethian Civil War

    When [[Justin Riverwood | King Justin I]] came to power, many of his early policies were about giving the commonfolk a voice which lead to the formation of a House of Commons. As time way on, the king gave few legislative power to his favorite House of …

  • Justin Riverwood

    Justin Riverwood, aka King Justin I, was the son of trade merchant. He was knighted for his courage and valor against the orc raiders of the north. He then soon won the heart of the princess and became king that would forever change Carnethia.

  • Miznoh Desert

    South of the Imomena mountains and north of the Dead-mans Chasm, the Miznoh Desert is a near arid rocky plateaus consisting of many sandy soil grasslands.

  • Kezan Desert

    The largest region of wasteland in Cyforrina, the Kezan Desert is nothing more than a barren waste of dune fields. Life here is hares with temperatures getting as high as 120F on average. Thankfully, travelers can take refugee from the extreme heat in the …

  • Dashahn Desert

    Southeast of the [[Ordill Mountains]] range, the Dashahn Dessert is a dry rocky plateaus with a few sandy grassland plains. It also is home to many dwarves, gnomes, goliath, and kobolds of the Ordill Mountains. Tells of rich deposit of copper, iron, …

  • Half-Ogre

    +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom: Half-ogres are immensely strong and hardy, but somewhat slow-witted and brash.
    Medium: Half-ogres are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due …

  • Shifters

    Shifters, known as the weretouched, are descendants of a long line of human and lycanthropic ancestors. Unlike their lycanthropic ancestors, shifters cannot fully change form. Instead, they can take on animalistic features, an ability they call …

  • Goliath

    +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, and -2 Charisma: Goliaths are strong and tough, but standoffish.
    Medium: Goliaths are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties because of their size.
    Normal Speed:
  • Changeling

    +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, and -2 Constitution: Changelings are agile and charming but their mutable form makes them more frail then others.
    Medium: Changelings are medium size creatures and have no special …

  • Races

    Aasimar, Bugbear, Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Gnoll, Goblin, Halfing, Half-elf, Half-orc, Hobgoblin, Human, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Merfolk, Mite, Orc, Tengu, and Tiefling. [[Cecaelia]] [[Changeling]] [[Goliath]] [[Half-Ogre]] [[Shifters]] PS. Will add …

  • Faiths and Religions

    * [[Church of the Light]] * [[Cultists of Toldoth]] * [[Diabolism]] * [[Druidism]] * [[Shamanism]] * [[Church of Zarus]]

    |={background:# …

  • Diabolism

    Domains: All
    Follower’s Alignment: LN, LE
    Veneration of the Nine Circles of Hell

    The philosophy of diabolism is often misunderstood by those who do not adhere to its tenets. It is easy to …

  • Church of Zarus

    Church of Zarus
    Portfolio: Humanity, Domination, Perfection.
    Domains: Destiny, Evil, Law, Strength, War.
    Follower’s: Humans

    The ancient human god, Zarus, returns to the world in 2135 AC to …

  • Druidism

    Portfolio: Nature
    Domains: Animal, Plant, Weather
    Follower’s Alignments: any

  • Shamanism

    Portfolio: Nature, sprits of the elements
    Domains: Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, Water, Weather
    Follower’s Alignments: any

  • Danae

    Greater Deity Symbol: None Home Plane: Ayiana Alignment: Neutral Good Portfolio: Life, Nature, Weather. Domains: Animal, Plant, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, & Weather. Favored Weapon: Staff Danae is …

  • DragonWatch

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Headquarters: Dragon Watch, Fort Ironhawk
    Heraldry: White, a dragon eye to chief and a tower to base all in between two purple dragons facing inward all on a blue fess. Leader: High …

  • Kolven Dor

    Kolven Dor is a joint city of both dwarfs & kobolds.

  • Longtooth

    +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, and -2 Charisma: Longtooth shifters are strong and alert, but their presence is unsettling.
    Medium: Longtooth shifters are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to size.
    Normal Speed …

  • Razorclaw

    +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, and -2 Strength: Razorclaw shifters are agile and intuitive, but not as powerful as others.
    Medium: Razorclaw shifters are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to size.
    Normal …

  • History of Maleador

    After the great civil war that broke apart the old kingdom, the region now known as the Empire of Maleador was a lawless place where power and authority shifted almost daily. Great warlords and noble families that trace their lineages back to the Great …

  • Knights of the Shield

    The Knights of the Shield are an order of knights who sole duty is to service the people of the commonwealth as their protectors & enforcers of the law. They are lead by a Grand Marshal who acts as the supreme commander of the order & it armies.

  • Battle of Karula

    Excerpt from "Unification War: A History of Conquest" by historian Eärendur Telemnar __In AC 1863, the Empire of [[Maleador]]'s XI and XX Legion had taken many losses during the turbulent first year of the Unification War, dragging the war into an …

  • Siege of Lorraine

    _Excerpted from: "A Righteous War: A History of the Dark Crusades" by historian Eärendur Telemnar_ h3. Introduction The [[Dark Crusades | Dark Crusades]] began with one of the most horrendous events in Cyforrinian history, the siege and subsequent …

  • Jorakk

    Proper Name: The Free City of Jorakk
    Ruler: Her Lord Mayor of Jorakk, Lady [[Elisabeth Whitemoore]] Chancellor [[Yorrick Linnacker]] of The Trade Consortium Lord [[Douglas Black]] of the Jorakk Trade Society …

  • Mornthen

    Proper Name: The Free City of Mornthen
    Ruler: His Lord Mayor of Mornthen, Lord
    Government: Lord mayor elected by an oligarchy representing the city's major mercantile, military, legal, economic, criminal, and magical …

  • Order of the Lightbringers

    A sub-sect of the [[Luminous Order]], the Lightbringers specialize in the hunting the evil taints in the world. Members of this order understand that righteousness and purity isn't enough and use whatever means to end the hidden evils of this world. Many …

  • The Great Purging

    AC 1134-1264 The Great Purging was a holy crusade against the taints of world.

  • The Keepers of the Seal

    Symbol: A cracked silver seal inscribed with a single rune. Members of the secretive order are given a signet ring bearing this symbol. Background: Not much is known to the public about the existence of this order.

  • Headhunters Society

    Symbol: A crest bearing the head of a blue dragon. Members of the guild work the blue color into their gear and dye their weapons to match. Alignment: Neutral Headquarters: No central headquarters but many Guild Halls Chapters. …

  • Runaria

    Proper Name: The Great Empire of Runaria
    Ruler: Over King Varian Arthanis (LE) National Heraldry: Government: Monarchy, Feudalism Military: Standing Army and Sky Fleet (2nd to Carnethia); The Royal Runarian …

  • Carnethian Forces

    The Carnethian army is famed for its fast-striking cavalry and the use of longswords. They are also known for using magic artifacts and powerful battlemages. They are famous for their loyalty to each other and for patriotism. They have a highly formal …

  • The Red Claw

    This army relies heavily on guerrilla tactics and the use of large battleaxes. They are known to mostly comprised of red half-dragons and other draconic creatures. They are famous for their loyalty to their king and refusing to never surrender. Each …

  • Maleadorian Forces

    The Maleadorian army specializes in quick-moving, highly precise infantry formations and the use of longswords. They are famous for their rampant corruption and for their pride. Each brigade contains 5 platoons of 400 soldiers. They have a highly formal …

  • Utalyan Forces

    This army is known for its quick-moving infantry and the use of sabers. They are also known for using reformed pirates and for their flashy uniforms. Each regiment contains 5 battalions of 360 soldiers. They have a highly formal chain of command, with …

  • Realms of Cyforrina

    |[[Anmaniv]]| |[[La'dore]]| |[[Asarctas]]| |[[Madrilac]]| |[[Azbek]]| |[[Maleador]]| |[[Bellelac]]| |[[Norasaea]]| |[[Bynarria]]| |[[Senzada]]| |[[Carnethia]]| |[[Skeeg]]| |[[Euphova]]| |[[Ursula Union]]| |[[Hariburgh]]| |[[Utalya]]| …

  • Realms of Malaga

    One of the western continents, Malaga is a mountainousness region with many low deserts and hilly plains. h4. [The Great Malagaian Empire] The empire is a hereditary feudal monarchy in which the royal house and all noble houses are descendants of …

  • Thosara

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/26361/World_Thosara_Map.png(World thosara map)! [[Realms of Cyforrina]] - [[Geography of Cyforrina]] - [[Map of Cyforrina | Map]] [[Realms of Galtea]] - Geography of Galtea - (For later use) [[Realms of Frigia …

  • Vamerian Army

    This army is famed for its overpowering numbers and the use of scythes and battleaxes. They also employ unconventional tactics and monstrous spawns. They are famous for rampant corruption, wanton cruelty, and for enslaving conquered opponents. Each legion …

  • Jorakk Stats

    *Free City of [[Jorakk]]* N large city Corruption +2; Crime +3; Economy +4; Law -1; Lore +3; Society +5 Qualities notorious, prosperous, magically attuned, rumormongering citizens, tourist attraction Danger +20 *DEMOGRAPHICS* Government council …

  • The Rune Scroll

    Alignment: Neutral Headquarters: Magi Citadel in [[Jorakk]]
    Leader: The Magi Seven
    Prominent Members: wizards, sorcerers, bards
    Structure: hierarchy
    Scope: regional

  • Explorer's League

    The Explorers' League is an organization dedicated to researching of the ancient past. Exploring nearly every corner of the world searching for old relics and artifacts from the pre-scaring period. They have amassed one of the world’s largest libraries of …

  • Rogues’ Gallery

    The Rogues’ Gallery exists to control crime within the boundaries of [[Jorakk]]. Not all crime is run by the Gallery, but woe betide anyone who gets a mind to go it alone, except for some one-time or minor crimes. Also the Galley offers other services …

  • Lore Points

    Lore Points work like the [[Hero Points]] but are instead awarded to the player and not the characters and therefore doesn't require the player to have a character to earn them. Lore Points are earned by posting and updating characters and other articles …

  • New Haven

    Ruler: [[:lord-thoradin-noldere | Lord Thoradin Noldere]]
    Government: Despotism with a appointed council.
    Cities: New Haven (ST), Oruk (LV), Linvale (SV), Oswald Breeze (SV), Caris (SV) …

  • Blue Hawks

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Headquarters: New Haven
    Heraldry: White, a wide pale voided blue with blue hawk center Leader: Lord [[:lord-thoradin-noldere | Thoradin Noldere ]], Marshal Devona Roberts

  • Characters Track Sheet

    |_. Character |_. Class & Level |_. Hero Points | | [[:brann | Brann]]| Cleric 4| 1 | | [[:fidchell-stark | Fidchell]]| Gunslinger 1/Rogue 2| 2 | |[[:jack | Jack]]| Pole-arm Fighter 2 |2 | |[[:kite-hennessy | Kite]]|Alchemist 6 | 3 | |[[:lorien-del- …

  • Player Lore Point Sheet

    |_. Character |_. Lore Points (MAX 10)| | DracoStrife |10 | |MechaPollo | 6 | |kng_bowser | 2 | | Undeath4Glory| 3 | | ShadowKnight2010| 3 | |SensoOokami| 10 |

    New Haven Stats

    [[New Haven]] LG small town Corruption -2; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law +3; Lore -2; Society +3 Qualities: Pious, Prosperous, Militia/Kinght Order Protection (Law +1) Danger +0 DEMOGRAPHICS Government Overlord with a Council Population 1,249 ( …

  • Arthfell Forest

    Stretching far to the south, most of Arthfell Forest actually stands outside the vague borders of Darkmoon Vale. The primarily pine and fir forest generally avoids the axes of loggers affiliated with the [[Lumber Consortium]], thanks to its lack of …

  • Darkmoon Wood

    While still the largest collection of darkwood in all of Errion, Darkmoon Wood steadily decreases in size with each passing year. The logging community of [[Falcon’s Hollow]] chops away at the woods, harvesting roughly 7,000,000 board feet of timber per …

  • The Errion Region


    [[Arthfell Forest | Arthfell Forest]]

    [[Darkmoon Wood | Darkmoon Wood]]

    Lumber Consortium

  • Shadow Pack

    For the most part, the Shadow Pack remains a reactionary group of lycanthropic druids whose main activity seems to be preventing logging within [[Arthfell Forest]]. Organized recruitment drives are extremely rare, and usually only follow sweeps …

  • Falcon’s Hollow

    *Town* nonstandard (Lumber Consortium); *AL* NE *Gp limit* 150 gp; *Assets* 4,055 gp _*Demographics*_ *Population* 1,400 *Type* Isolated (human 94%, halfling 3%, half-elf 1%, elf 1%, other 1% ) *Authority figures* %{color:blue}Gavel Thuldrin Kreed%, …

  • The Carnethia Region


    [[Everpine Forest | Everpine Forest]]

    [[Ordill Mountains]]

    The Maleador Region





    Mana Crystals

    Mana crystals are naturally occurring growths of raw magical power. They occur in places where the Magic Weave touches the physical world with their essence being influenced by the location sometimes. They are highly sought by those who wish to …

  • Hellknights

    Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral & Lawful Evil (Strongest leaning towards LN)
    Headquarters: Various Citadel locations throughout Maleador
    Prominent Members: Fighters, Paladins, Clerics, Magi …

  • Ships of Sea and Air

    h5. Independent [[The Ravenscar]] The Black Rose The Sea Hag [[The Bloody Crown]] The Lazy Hag The Black Rose The Sea Dog Dragon's Plunder The Sad Barnacle The Bloody Hangman The Foul Saber Devils Whore h5. Fleets [[The Red Scorpions]]

  • NPCs

    h5. Jorrak [[:captain-morgana-moonscar | Captain Morgana Moonscar]] [[:douglas-black | Douglas Black]] [[:lady-josephine | Lady Josephine ]] [[:lex-sorhan | Lex Sorhan]] h5. New Haven [[:lord-thoradin-noldere | Lord Thoradin Noldere ]] [[: …

  • The Ravenscar

    !http://www.thepirateking.com/images/ships_nave.jpg! The Ravenscar is a large three masted sailing ship with a square rigging. Its features a figurehead of a raven, Broad Rudder, and 10 concealed weapon ports. Crew: [[:captain-morgana-moonscar | …

  • The Pantheon

    *The Old Pantheon*

    Not much is known about the gods before the Great Scarring. What is known is that there were many gods that watched over the world.

    Chief Deities

    [[Cultists of Toldoth | Toldoth]]: The Dark One, Bringer of Death …

  • Cultists of Toldoth

    Cultists of Toldoth, (the Dark One)
    Symbol: Onyx disk
    Portfolio: Negative energy, Darkness, Death, Destruction
    Domains: Death, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Trickery
    Follower’s …

  • Solrath Sunweaver

    Solrath is a student of both magic and swordplay. Born in the Everpine Forest in southeastern Carnethia in the year AC 2050, Solrath has seen a great number of events through Cyforrinan history. He has lived through the entire Dark Crusades, though he …

  • Lorien del Ariel

    Spending her teenage years as a student at a Mage's Guild for Merfolks, much heated debate came around as to the orgin of the Merfolk as a whole. Lorien felt strongly that the Merfolk evoled from Humans, a Hypothesis that was not well recived. During a …

  • Lex Sorhan

    Lex Sorhan the Half-Dwarf Blacksmith of Jorrak. Lex owns and run his blacksmith shop, Lex's Exotic Works, out of the docks of [[Jorakk]] for the last 13 years. He specialize in forging exotic weapons (mostly dwarven) and some armors as special requests. …

  • Brann

    Always up for an adventure, Brann loves to explore. He has set out to find the origins of the Dwarven heritage along with his companion Solrath to obtain whatever information they can get about the world before the cataclysm.

  • Ember Archerson

    A woman looking for answer, searching for the trust of who she is, and why fate has dealt her this hand.

  • Cyrus

    A particular boy known to Cyforrina only as "Cyrus" was born and raised within a somewhat well-to-do family in the Great Empire of Runaria, on the continent of Venia. He was a quiet, shy boy, but was an excellent marksman at a very early age. He had …

  • Regal Bryant

    Regal Bryant was the president of the [[Bryant Skyways]] before being sent to prison. The love of his life, Alicia, was being manipulated by someone. To end her suffering, she asked him to end her life while she was still herself. With all the pain in …