Tag: Place


  • Dead-mans Chasm

    In 1868, the [[Miznoh Desert]] experienced an unusual earthquake, as if a god strike the earth. There is also a tell that an ancient evil broke free from the earth but was stopped by the [[Immortal Knight]]. What ever the case be, the end result was that …

  • Ordill Mountains

    The high peaks of Ordrill are perhaps one of the tallest in all Cyforrina. They are home to the dwarven kingdom of [[Azbek]] and to the many kobold & goliath tribes here. Old dwarven fortress and mines can be found here, many lost to time. There are even …

  • Imomena

    This low mountain chain has almost weathered away into hills. it is a home of many dwarves, gnomes, ans a few venturesome halfings. The Imomena mountains contains some of the richest gems, ore deposits and the rare mana shards.

  • Miznoh Desert

    South of the Imomena mountains and north of the Dead-mans Chasm, the Miznoh Desert is a near arid rocky plateaus consisting of many sandy soil grasslands.

  • Kezan Desert

    The largest region of wasteland in Cyforrina, the Kezan Desert is nothing more than a barren waste of dune fields. Life here is hares with temperatures getting as high as 120F on average. Thankfully, travelers can take refugee from the extreme heat in the …

  • Dashahn Desert

    Southeast of the [[Ordill Mountains]] range, the Dashahn Dessert is a dry rocky plateaus with a few sandy grassland plains. It also is home to many dwarves, gnomes, goliath, and kobolds of the Ordill Mountains. Tells of rich deposit of copper, iron, …