Tag: Organization


  • Black Dagger

    A black dagger laying over a blood droplet
    Alignment: Lawful Evil Headquarters: Not known Leader: Unknown Members: Mostly Rogues, Assassins, & Rangers.
    Structure: hierarchy syndicate/assassins’ guild

  • Church of the Light

    Radiant 8-pointed Gold Sun
    *Goals:* To promoting goodness and protect the world from the evils here and beyond. Alignment: Neutral Good
    *Follower’s Alignments:* any non-evil *Portfolio:* Positive energy, Light, Life, Prophecy * …

  • DragonWatch

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Headquarters: Dragon Watch, Fort Ironhawk
    Heraldry: White, a dragon eye to chief and a tower to base all in between two purple dragons facing inward all on a blue fess. Leader: High …

  • Explorer's League

    The Explorers' League is an organization dedicated to researching of the ancient past. Exploring nearly every corner of the world searching for old relics and artifacts from the pre-scaring period. They have amassed one of the world’s largest libraries of …