Tag: Order


  • Luminous Order

    A erect silver longsword center between two gold wings upon a blue barrulet (2 horizontal bars center)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Headquarters: Lorraine (Cyforrina), Otaria (Venia), Thay (Galtea), Urellu (Malaga), & Vassa (Frigia …

  • Cenarion Order

    Alignment: Neutral Headquarters: None Leader: The Elder Council Members: Druids, Shamans, & Rangers Structure: Theocracy Scope: Global Resources: n/a A druidic order of extremist that follows …

  • DragonWatch

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Headquarters: Dragon Watch, Fort Ironhawk
    Heraldry: White, a dragon eye to chief and a tower to base all in between two purple dragons facing inward all on a blue fess. Leader: High …

  • Order of the Lightbringers

    A sub-sect of the [[Luminous Order]], the Lightbringers specialize in the hunting the evil taints in the world. Members of this order understand that righteousness and purity isn't enough and use whatever means to end the hidden evils of this world. Many …