Dangerous magical weapons bound with the souls of powerful evil creatures.

weapon (melee)

Many types of runeblades do exist, and all are intelligent weapons. One example:

Xak’dul, the Bloodlord

+5 Adamantine Vorpal Greatsword

Alignment: Chaotic Evil Ego: 42
Senses: 60 ft. Darkvision & Read Magic
INT: 24 (7) WIS: 24 (7) CHA: 28 (+8)
Communication: Speech and Telepathy
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Celestial
Powers: Bull’s Strength (3/day) Fireball (1/day) Protection from Good (3/day) Unholy Blight (1/day)
Purpose: Defeat/slay all
Skills: Appraise +7 Bluff +8 Diplomacy +8 Disguise +8 Heal +7 Intimidate +18 Perception +7 Sense Motive +7 Survival +7
Immune to Sundering

This sinister-looking black adamantine sword has numerous abyssal runes all across the length of the blade. The demon bound within is a powerful balor, and it absolutely hates it’s miserable existence as a runeblade. It seeks nothing other than it’s release, though it’s enchanted adamantine “prison” is all but indestructible. He delights in corrupting those who would dare touch the blade, and many wielders have gone on numerous bloody rampages. Fortunately, the church has ended Xak’dul’s bloody rampages for good and have sealed him away within one of the deepest vaults in the Holy Cathedral of Lorraine. The church too is unsure of how to destroy him, as all attempts and means to do so have failed, so in the vaults the runeblade remains.

While Xak’dul rages daily over his holy imprisonment, he knows that one day some curious scribe or acolyte will wander curiously into the forbidden vaults, and he will finally be free to sate his bloodlust once more.


Thosara is no stranger to powerful magic weapons. Throughout history, many valiant heroes and foulest villains have wielded great weapons of incredible power. They are some of the most sought after magical artifacts, and many lie in the vaults of the great kingdoms of Cyforrina.

No magic weapons though, match the sheer terror and destruction for those ancient weapons called runeblades, for within these enchanted weapons lie the bound souls of powerful entities: demons, devils, dragons, and other supernatural creatures. While many have been thankfully lost to time, a runeblade occasionally does surface and with it, comes much pain and suffering.

The origin of these terrible weapons is lost to history, for many believe that these weapons were made before the Great Scarring. Historians believe that the age before Cenarius was one of great and powerful magic. Civilizations are believed to have rose and fell as mana ebbed and flowed. Current theories state that ancient civilizations created these powerful weapons specifically to destroy entire armies and kingdoms singlehandedly.

Historians also theorize that the dwarves were the creators of the first rune weapons. Ancient dwarves are believed to have created a forge that not only shapes metal, but souls as well. Many dwarf clans and holdings deny it to this day, saying they would never have practiced such dark magic in their proud history. There are, however, runeblades that do indeed have runes of ancient dwarven inscribed on them, but others exist with elven, draconic, infernal and abyssal runes as well. Whether or not the dwarves were the first to have created them is unknown, but regardless the art had spread to the other races.

Runeblades are a slight misnomer as not all are blades specifically. While most are indeed blades of the light and heavy variety, some are also axes as well as spears. None are known to be bludgeoning weapons, this must be due to the fact that the souls within these weapons wish to see (and taste) blood. Runeblades have maintained their sharpness despite the many millenia that has passed since their creation, and many have the ability to impart ancient knowledge to their wielder, and many have the ability to cast powerful magic. The souls within are always powerful, malevolent beings. Their personalities so strong that they almost always dominate the wielder.

The Church of the Holy Light does its best to control and contain the knowledge of the runeblades. Indeed, entire cadres of Lightbringers are dispatched at the slightest report of a sighting. The church however, does acknowledge their existence, stating that they may have been one of the causes of the Great Scarring, and that such weapons if found will doom the world once more.


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