An icy blue longsword, made from a solid mana crystal.

weapon (melee)

+3 Icy Burst Longsword

Counts as a mana crystal and uses the Augmenting Spells and Extra Magical Source rules.

Effects if Sundered:
Backblast: Wielder takes 6D6 points of cold damage, no save, ignores all immunities.


This beautiful ensorcelled longsword is made from a brilliant blue grand mana crystal.  Not much is known about the weapon’s origins, where the mana crystal was found and who the artificer was, but it is believed to be a weapon made before the Sundering.  It is very rare to find a mana crystal that’s both powerful and large enough to craft a weapon about of.

What historians have found is that they believe the weapon is an elven design.  This is apparent in that the weapon has an organic appearance, with many smooth curves  in the hilt and pommel, rather than the harsh geometry ,typical of dwarven artifice.  While almost all of the weapon is made of a solid piece of elemental mana crystal, bits of pure mana crystals are found on the blade.  This could be more than ornamentation, as pure crystals typically increase the damaging power of the weapon.

The weapon is desired by both fighters and spellcasters.  Fighters love the weapon for its enchanted properties and lethality, spellcasters can use the sword for its spell augmenting abilities.  

While the sword certainly is sturdy, it is clearly not indestructible.  If the crystal shatters, the backlash of elemental cold mana could potentially be lethal to its wielder….


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