Flute of Commanding Flock

This small flute made of darkwood is carved with small birds and feather pattrens. When played, these carving shimmer with the colors of the seasons.

musical instrument

Aura: Strong Enchantment (compulsion)[mind-affecting]
HP 15, Hardness 8, AC 13, Saves +12, CL 20
Three Uses Per Day

As a Standard Action and with a Perform (Flute) check (DC 13), the player of the flute can play different songs that can dominate small and/or larger bird-like creatures within 200ft (as the dominate person spell). In order to maintain control of the dominated creatures, the player must continue playing the flute with a Perform (Flute) as a Standard Action per round or the flute’s effect ends. Any sound based effects near or at the Player or dominated creature, gives the dominated creatures a new save. In addition, any injury to the Player must make a concentration check using the Perform (Flute) skill as a free action or the song effect ends.

•Control up to 24 HD worth of bird-likes creature.
•Bird-like Creatures get a Will Save DC 22
•For every 2 HD of bird-like creatures, +1 to DC.
•For every different bird-like creature, +2 to DC.
The more bird creatures the more complex the music play becomes.

Roll Chance on number of bird-like creatures in area
1: Single
2: Pair
3-5: Flock of birds (3d4 birds)
6-8: Unkindness (1d3+1 swarms)
9-10: Murder (1d8+3 swarms)


Flute of Commanding Flock

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