Lex Sorhan

The Exotic Blacksmith of Jorrak


Lex is a 5’7" Half-Dwarf with short brown-black hair, a foot long breded bread, and light-blue eyes. He has three sliver ring piercing on each ear and a slight muscular build.


Lex Sorhan the Half-Dwarf Blacksmith of Jorrak. Lex owns and run his blacksmith shop, Lex’s Exotic Works, out of the docks of Jorakk for the last 13 years. He specialize in forging exotic weapons (mostly dwarven) and some armors as special requests. He is also known to tinker and fix a few simple firearms as a pastime.

Dwarven Exotic Weapons & Armor: Buckler-axe, Double Spear, Urgrosh, Warpike, Waraxe, & Battle Plate.

The Sorhan Special: Lex can forge weapons & armors into Masterwork quality with the following effects instead.

  • +2 to base damage (Weapon only, doesn’t gain the +1 to ATK roll).
  • +1 to base Armor Class (armor and shields only, doesn’t gain the armor plenty reduction).

Lex Sorhan

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